TipCodes Mobile Donation for Political Campaigns

Mobile Donation for Political Campaigns

TipCodes is a Perfect Solution for Political Fund Raising

How Charity Organizations Benefit from TipCodes

How Charity Organizations Benefit from TipCodes

This is a fast paced world we live in and although many of us like to make time to donate to our favorite charities, it is often difficult to find the time. Sometimes it seems like writing out a check and stamping an envelope, making a phone call, or even going to a website to make a credit card donation is too much to ask. Despite our good intentions, all of us often overlook donating to the charity we stand behind, because it is simply just inconvenient.

How Chamber Maids Can Benefit from TipCodes MicroPayments

You are in your hotel, and because you are on vacation you either have a wallet full of $20.00 bills, no cash and just some credit cards, or just not enough cash to tip the Chamber Maid for cleaning & straightening you room for the last 2 days, WHAT TO DO? How do I tip her & do the right thing?

5 Reasons to Pay Gratuities with Your Smart Phone

pay gratuities with your smart phone

Well, most of the time, however, we’ve found that sometimes the cash isn’t the right amount, or credit cards sometime aren’t the option.

Consider these situations:

Bartenders, Collect Tips Without Getting Your Hands Dirty!

Being a bartender can be a rough job, weather you are working steady hours at a bar or restaurant or even a catering bartender. TipCodes understands that the majority of the money receiving tips. By adding the option of a TipCodes badge to your TipCup, you create another way for people to tell you thank you by electronically sending you a tip with their cell phone. So if they are out of cash, are charging their drinks & already closed out their tab, or don't have time to ask you for change having a TipCodes Badge on your TipCup gives them another way to slide you some money.

#1 Way For Baggage Handlers to Collect More Tips

Mobile Tip System for Baggage Handlers

This happens all too often, take it from our staff, we’re guilty too!

People pack up to go on a business trip or a vacation, they grab their tickets, wallet and credit cards and have NO CASH. They presume that they will use credit cards so they can track payments on their business trip or leave the cash at home and just charge everything for security reasons.

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